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Tru-Cut EHS-96 Electric Hydraulic Ultra Wide Cut Bandmill

460volt - $43,750.00  230volt - $44,500.00


•Features a 30HP 3-phase techtop electric motor

•Start/stop switch on saw

•Includes 50' of wire between motor and a Fuji Frenica-Mega variable driver frequency drive in a safety disconnect enclosure that can be mounted on a post or wall

•This system can be wired for 230 volts or 460 volts

•Track option #1 and concrete log bunks are the only tracks available for this mill without wide-load permits

•Wires and power feed chains are sufficient for 30' tracks

•Customer needs to supply and install a cable and pulley system or a barn door track and trolley system that carries wires

•Wires need to be bundled together and hung from cable and track every 6' to 8'

•Includes 100' of #60 power-feed chains with connector links and bolts to hook up power feed

•96" max cutting width

•Does not include track

•Approximate ship weight is 5,000 pounds

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