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Tru-Cut SS-70 Slab Surfacer

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With this surfacer you can plane and sand in just minutes those huge slabs that used to take hours!


Industrial grade slab surfacer designed for high production


Can remove 1/4" deep by 12" wide at an approximate speed of 8' per minute.

Potential for lower start-up cost in that Surfacer will operate on the same track as a Tru-Cut 70" Bandmill

35HP Briggs Vanguard Engine to power a double hydraulic pump which runs the machine.

Surfacer has the ability to clamp and plane material up to 72" wide.

90 gallon oil reservoir to maintain cooler oil temperature under continuous operation.

•Rubber isolator mounts under the engine plate to keep vibration of the machine to achieve a smoother finish.

19" of vertical head movement which allows for planing and sanding large timbers.

Manual vertical head movement in order to achieve very precise vertical movement. one handle crank equals 1/16".

14" diameter cutter with 12 carbide inserts that can be rotated or replaced as they dull.

Sander head that attaches to the bottom of the cutter with a 1/4 turn twist lock system without the use of any tools.

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