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Turn those huge logs into profit!

   The heavy-duty and easy to use Tru-Cut Wide-Cut Bandmills are designed to handle massive logs, providing many opportunities for profitable and enjoyable home-based businesses. The huge logs that were formerly of very limited value can now be used to create fine table tops and other creative masterpieces.

  Homeowners and even towns frequently need to have huge trees that have historical or sentimental value removed. With these powerful mills you can convert this prized lumber into rustic live edge table top slabs, counter top slabs and more, thus preserving it's value. Longer timber can also be cut for timber frame buildings. In fact, the only cutting length limitation is the length of track system you install for you bandmill!

       Many tree removal companies need to get rid of these oversized logs and are looking for drop-off points, this can also be a great way of getting quality slabs out of many different wood species for your customer base.

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